Nyc Closeouts - Macy's in NYC (Herald Sq)

New York, New York 0 comments

I had a terrible evening. At least 4 different

associates were in an awful mood, not

courteous when answering questions. I don't

plan on going to Macy's ever again after


Every single customer associate was in a rush or

looked tired and moody. Not only that, my

daughter got gastroenteritis from a pizza slice

bought at the premises.

Needless to say, I'm very disappointed with

my overall experience. I had just come from

Bloomingdale's and the experience was

completely different. I spent more than $300

there because the place felt right. Everyone

in that store was courteous and patient. At

Macy's I didn't look into any other things to

buy because all I could think of was to leave

the store asap.

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